Hope Home

Calcutta children


Our journey so far…

January 2000

The work known today as Hope Home Calcutta initially began in early 2000 with 6 street children taken from the Park Street area where the infamous mafia dominates the street children forcing some of these children to commit petty crimes, beg on the streets(giving the proceeds to the mafia), as well as deal in drugs. Volunteers who were partnering with us at that time saw a tremendous need to intervene in the lives of these street children in order to end the cycle of desperation and enslavement. It was at that time that we took in those first several children. In the midst of attending to the needs of the first few children it became apparent to us that this was an important work as we came across more and more children that needed help from all over various areas of Calcutta. The home quickly grew to 8 children and then 10 children with no end in sight. It soon became clear that we needed to incorporate our operations and after 2 years we took steps to become formally recognized as Hope Home Calcutta 9 boys and 4 girls were the initial intake.

March 2002

It soon became clear that we needed to incorporate our operations and after 2 years we took steps to become formally recognized as Hope Home Calcutta.

March 2003

The Hope Home Calcutta was registered as a not-for-profit organization/civil-society-organization in March 2003. It registered itself with the Income Tax department of the Government of India in July 2003 and received tax exemption status for donations made in India under section 80G of the I.T. Act 1961. 9 boys and 4 girls were the initial intake.

August 2003

The Hope Mission Academy, the educational project of the Hope Home Calcutta began operations with the children of the Hope Home Calcutta. The focus is to facilitate learning at the pace of each child's aptitude using modern tools of learning. The objective is character building and total personality development of each child. Besides emphasizing academic growth, the Hope Mission Academy helps enhance discipline, social efficacy and etiquettes and a global vision. Nursery to Grade 2 started with a handful of facilitators of the learning process (that's how we describe our teachers).

September 2003

The Hope Computer Center was inaugurated with 5 computers donated by the Cognizant Technology Solutions. Children of the Hope Home Calcutta Calcutta - with zero educational base till a couple of years back- are now mastering the art of making power point presentations on the computer!The Hope Art Center became operational with more than 30 children attending art classes on Saturdays. Children's Day (November 14, 2003) the first 'Sit-and-Draw' contest was held with more than 70 participants from the community. The Awards Ceremony was held on November 23, 2003 with Prof. Sovon Som, noted art historian and writer as the Chief Guest.

December 2003

The first Year Book of the Hope Home Calcutta published and released for distribution. 'Uncle' Bob D'Costa, visiting from England released the Year Book during the Christmas Gift Exchange Day.Children and grown ups from the Hope Home Calcutta visit the Mary Cooper's Old Age Home. Sings Christmas carols, performs skits and distributes gifts to the precious 'grand-ma's' at Mary Cooper's.

March 2004

Further intake of children - 7 more boys and 4 more girls taken in. The waiting list of children needed to be admitted to the Hope Home Calcutta crosses 40.

April 2004

The Hope Mission Academy admits poor children from the community to its school project on a 'day-care' basis. Children provided with lunch and educational resources free of charge. Grade 3 introduced.

December 2004

Volunteering done at the Hope Home Calcutta by a group of 12 high school students from Singapore on an inter-cultural visit. Time for our children to learn Chinese and teach their Singaporean friends Bengali! A small group of volunteers from Australia teach our children dramas and plays. The first in-house Christmas presentation performed on December 19 in front of a 'packed-house'. Children and grown ups revisit the Mary Cooper's Old Age Home to perform their Christmas production.

February 2005

All the formalities regarding the gift of property received by the Hope Home Calcutta completed with the concerned authorities, the mutation certificate received and plans for the building project initiated.