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What is the Hope Home Calcutta?

Hope Home Calcutta is a non-profit, humanitarian not-for-profit civil society organization (C.S.O./N.G.O.). In India, donations are exempted from income tax under Sec 80G of the I.T.Act 1961. The Hope Home Calcutta is based in Calcutta (now Kolkata), INDIA that is dedicated to demonstrate God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in Calcutta and other urban centers in India. Its primary target group is children from the streets, slums and dys-functional families and seeks to provide them with a home of refuge, moral and ethical teaching, food, clothing and other basis necessities of life and educational and vocational training.

When did Hope Home Calcutta begin?

The work known today as Hope Home Calcutta initially began in early 2000 with 6 street children taken from the Park Street area where the infamous mafia dominates the street children forcing some of these children to commit petty crimes, beg on the streets(giving the proceeds to the mafia), as well as deal in drugs. Volunteers who were partnering with us at that time saw a tremendous need to intervene in the lives of these street children in order to end the cycle of desperation and enslavement. It was at that time that we took in those first several children. In the midst of attending to the needs of the first few children it became apparent to us that this was an important work as we came across more and more children that needed help from all over various areas of Calcutta. The home quickly grew to 8 children and then 10 children with no end in sight. It soon became clear that we needed to incorporate our operations and after 2 years we took steps to become formally recognized as Hope Home Calcutta

In 2003, Hope Home Calcutta attained a formerly recognized not-for-profit status and initially committed itself to three initiatives: Child Development Initiative, Critical Response Initiative and Community Empowerment Initiative. By providing appropriate education and training, it seeks to inculcate in both children and adults functional skills that would eventually help develop healthy, self-sustaining individuals, families and communities involved in creative nation-building activities.

What kind of impact has the Hope Home Calcutta had on these marginalized children and adults in Calcutta thus far?

Since inception, Hope Home Calcutta has helped more than 20 children from dys-functional families live full time at its facilities in the southern suburbs of Calcutta providing them with food, clothing, medicines and education (through its school program: the Hope Mission Academy) thus helping them to grow up in an environment of love and security. The life-story of this single mother, suffering from tuberculosis for several years and living on the brink of poverty, whose two children are at the Hope Home Calcutta , says it all: at least now I can ‘die in peace’.

How is Hope Home Calcutta funded?

Hope Home Calcutta relies solely on charitable contributions from individuals and the corporate sector. There is no ‘central’ funding agency. If you are not living in India and would like to give a gift, please contact dev@hopehome.org. The Hope Home Calcutta welcomes all donations and gifts – however small or big it may be. In India, donations made for the Hope Home Calcutta are exempted from income tax under Sec 80G of the I.T.Act 1961. For other countries, we are working on tax exemption status. For specific queries, write to dev@hopehome.org

How can a corporation donate gifts-in-kind?
Business organizations, growers, food chains, manufacturing and production facilities, distributors as well as any other industry organizations may donate computers, furniture for the school project; help build a proper facility (proposed building plans) by donating construction materials, office equipments, books and stationary, clothing and other utility items for the Child Development Initiative. For the Critical Response Initiative , manufacturing companies or dealers may donate a vehicle and ambulance and medical supplies. For the Community Empowerment Initiative micro-enterprise units and cooperatives could be launched with donations of sewing machines, woodwork equipments, three-wheeler auto rickshaws and two wheeler cycle rickshaws.
In India you may please call 91-33-2453 5829 or e-mail us for more information on how to give a donation.

In what way may I volunteer my time and services?

  • Volunteer to serve at the Hope Home Calcutta on a short or long term commitment.

  • Be a part of a multi-vocational mission team! Teams are comprised of both professionals and non-professional support.

  • Equip the children of the Hope Mission Academy with educational support.

  • Create a Christmas Gift Project from home. Make it a fun church, class, or neighborhood activity!

How does an organization or mission agency network with Hope Home Calcutta?

If your nonprofit organization is interested in working with Hope Home Calcutta just write to us and we would connect you to individuals and corporations in a location nearest to you

May I link to your site?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to place a link on your website to http://www.hopehome.org/. We enjoy knowing who is lending support in this way, so please e-mail with your Web site. This also helps to increase our web seach visibility.
How can I receive additional information about Hope Home Calcutta

For contact information, please write to dev@hopehome.org or shalom@vsnl.com

The location address is:
Hope Home Calcutta
A-7/11, Srijani
Opp. Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital
P.O. Joka
Calcutta 700 107

Tel/Fax: 91-33-2453 5829
Director’s Office: 91-33-5520 9995