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Hope Connect Feb 2010

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 Hope Connect 


FEBRUARY 2010  update of the Hope Home  Calcutta

  Dev writes:


Beloved friends:


Give your Valentine a gift more meaningful than candy or flowers — the gift of hope for the children  of Calcutta . This year, match the amount you spend on your Valentine with a gift for the children of Hope Home that would demonstrate your commitment to them and to the children at the Hope Home Calcutta. Your symbolic gift  would support our efforts to turn the challenges of depravity, poverty, exploitation and instability into opportunity for the  of children in this large and difficult city, ironically also referred to as the ‘City of Joy !’


Baylor Back Pack by Olympia (OLYP BP400)Like other years, this year too we have received numerous queries from many of you regarding the BackPack 2010 initiated by the Hope Home Calcutta in concurrence with our school project, HOPE EDUCATION CENTRE.


The ‘Back Packs 2010’ campaign which aims to help support orphan and underprivileged children with school supplies, fees, uniforms, shoes, stationary and books to enable them to do study and do better in our school program. Presently we have 81 students and would like to provide school supplies to a minimum of 30 children from the beginning of 2010 .


Individual students in more developed countries could, on their own with help from their families or, join together as a class pooling in their resources to take part in the ‘Back Packs 2010’  campaign. A few years back a school in Phoenix organized a play ‘The Cotton Patch Gospel’ to raise funds for school furniture of the Hope Education Centre! Children in different parts of the U.S. have initiated a class-wise ‘Penny-Collection’ drive and the amounts thus raised are amazing! The opportunity of being creatively involved are plenty!

Consider this: Of the over 400 million children in India below the age of 18 (40% of the population), less than 80 million go to school. Many of those who are not able to attend school end up as child labourers ( India has the world’s largest concentration of child labourers.


About 2 years back I has shared about Kanhaiya. I am happy to share about his progress in our school project.


   Kanhaiya Jha (4) comes from a very remote village of the Indian State of Bihar . Four years back his mother was crushed under the   wheels of a truck  and killed. His father died soon afterward and this child along with 3 other siblings were left orphaned. His maternal grandfather brought him over to Calcutta so that he could receive a decent education. Being very poor, they could not admit him to any private school. They brought him over to our school project. He did not know even a single English alphabet! Today Kanhaiya is completing his second grade and can  read and write English. Kanhaiya today is a happy and caring child!


There are many others in our school program like Kanhaiya who would benefit through the BackPack program and receive an education they would only have dreamed about otherwise.


BackPack 2010 is designed to provide quality education to children like Priya who are enrolled in our school program. Your participation can equip a whole generation of children to be worthwhile citizens and men and women of character and integrity – who would have otherwise lived a life of depravity and helplessness.


The minimum suggested contribution for each child is U.S. $ 25  (Sing $ 40/ Indian Rupees 1100/) every  month. This would include all school supplies, text books, uniforms, a pair of school shoes and lunch on school days.  Please contact us immediately regarding this.


The BackPack 2010 is part of the Send my friend to school campaign  that is a global initiative that challenges schools, students and teachers to take the challenge of Global Education For All with seriousness and sincerity so that the goals of the campaign are effectively fulfilled.


It encourages schools, students and teachers to be involved by:

  • Creating awareness of the great need to fulfill our obligation  to provide free, compulsory basic education for all people; in particular for children (also women and all disadvantaged, deprived sections of society in Calcutta as part of our adult literacy effort)
  • To help  create a chain of testimony and accountability at the  local, school and community levels  and place action oriented leadership at the end of a civil society monitoring chain  for deliverables
  • To work in partnership with civil society organizations / non-government organizations and government agencies to ensure that the main stakeholders: children  receive a  basic education that is a right inherent to every  being human and each child's birthright
  • To develop dyadic relationships between ‘Buddies’ – on both ends of the benefit chain: help givers and help recipients; tangible expressions of care, thoughtfulness and concern  to further strengthen such relationships
  • To be a student volunteer for community improvement and developmental projects that focuses on meeting the campaign objectives of Education For All



The Hope Home Calcutta and the Hope Education Centre organized our first Annual Sports Day on January 29. We rented a sports field very close to the Hope Home Calcutta. Events included races, discus throw, long and high jumps besides non-conventional events like sack race, balance race and spoon-marble race. The students were teamed in three houses – red, blue and green! Cups and medals were presented to the winners. Lum was adjudged the best sportsperson and the Green House the House Champions!




  Lum adjudged the best sportsperson




Most of you are aware of the building project we embarked upon in 2006 to provide proper facilities to children who are part of the Hope Home Calcutta. We had a soccer drive (each soccer ball representing 5%of the estimated costs). Later on we added the girls dorm (as an afterthought!). While we were able to meet our budget needs for the girls dorm (stand-along budget) last December, we are still in a deficit regarding our original building project.


While I do acknowledge that this is probably not the right time (nor PC – politically correct), especially in the light of the global recession and the  DD (Dubai Debacle – but slowly recovering!!), I would nonetheless request you to consider participating in this critical need as a gift for the children of the Hope Home Calcutta during the beginning of this New Year.



Some of you have enquired about possibilities of sponsoring children during  2010. A few of our friends who have been involved in the past supporting the children on a regular basis and no longer involved. Please write to me for details. Appreciate your  response to this urgent need.




Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him – Mahatma Gandhi



February 28:         Martha


 Peter turned 18 on January 13 –the first child at the Hope

                   Home to do so!!



Regards and Blessings,


Dev and all of us at the Hope Home Calcutta



Support for the Hope Home Calcutta should be sent to/checks made out to:



(Please  designate your gift  for Hope Home Calcutta clearly)




P.O. JOKA, CALCUTTA 700 104, INDIA , Tel: +91-33-6534 1083/ 6520 9995

(all contributions are tax deductible under Section 80G of the I.T. Act, 1961)