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Hope Connect Nov 2009

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   Hope Connect 


NOVEMBER 2009  update of the Hope Home  Calcutta


  Dev writes


Beloved friends:


We are so thankful to so many of you who participated both in the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ (September 27 – October 3) in the sharing of your time, talents and resources and also the ‘World Food Day’ (October 16). I am glad to inform you that we, at the Hope Home Calcutta were able to organize a special meal for 85 people to commemorate this worldwide event. Although hugely symbolic, the World Food Day (and events like organized) has raised the awareness of the underlying issues behind poverty and hunger. We have aligned our efforts with that of this movement in providing security: albeit to the children who are part of the Hope Home Calcutta (and a few from our school project).


We would like to arrange another meal on Thanksgiving Day and encourage all of you, as you share your Thanksgiving Dinner this year to consider sharing your resources that would put food on the table of the poor and needy in Calcutta through the Hope Home Calcutta.


We are also exploring the possibility of a detailed year-around plan action to

alleviate hunger for an increasing number of children bearing in mind our limited resources. It is important that we make a difference in the lives even a few children in a sustained manner (and I’ll tell you why later in this update).


And now, for all you wonderful people, a Thanksgiving Poem I would like to share:   


A Thanksgiving Poem
The tear another's tears bring forth,
The sigh which answers sigh,
The pulse that beats at other's woes,
E'en though our own be nigh,

A balm to bathe the wounded heart
Where sorrow's hand hath lain,
The link divine from soul to soul
That makes us one in pain,
Sweet sympathy, benignant ray,
Light of the soul doth shine;
In it is human nature giving
A touch of the divine.




(A Hope Home Calcutta Initiative)

Rescue Relocation Rehabilitation



We, at the Hope Home Calcutta (through this initiative —HOCEP, are seeing to work  towards the transformation and empowerment of individuals and communities – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN (CHILD LABORERS)  through initiatives based on advocacy, crisis intervention, education, rehabilitation, training and resourcing.


This is the life-changing life story of Peter at the Hope Home Calcutta:

  PETER (Birthday – January 13, 1992)

Peter (Prosenjit) Das came to us 8 years back. His father used to drive a cycle-rickshaw   in the suburbs of Calcutta. He lived in a small titled- roofed room along with his parents and two older brothers. There was no electricity – they used a kerosene-lit lantern to ‘light’ their room. There was no facility of drinking water and no toilets – they had to go and sit beside the railroad tracks to answer nature’s call!


When Peter was 5, his father dies in a tragic accident, his body and the fragile rickshaw crushed under the wheels of a truck. The family plunged (from being just poor) into deep poverty. His mother became mentally challenged. His eldest brother, four years older, was forced to work in a cycle-repair shop to earn a little money to buy food for them.


What aggravated Peter’s difficulties is that he developed Nephritic Syndrome – a kidney disorder – and started bloating up. The family, unable to bear any expense for his treatment, gave up any hope of his staying alive. We had just started the Hope Home then and although we took in the brother just older to him, we were not willing to take him because of the expenses involved. However, we took  him in eventually as his condition deteriorated and he was on the verge of dying. We were able to connect with one of the best Indian nephrologist at Wockhardt Hospitals, Calcutta (an associate of Harward Medical School ). His condition stabilized. However, we also noticed that he had a very low self-esteem and confidence level. We put him on to learn the violin. And how he has excelled! He is now preparing for the Grade 3 examinations of the Royal Schools of Music , U.K. , is a mild-mannered young man and a great asset to the Hope Home Calcutta. He is the best artist at the Hope Home Calcutta and wants to become a music teacher in the years to come! He does have to remain on medication and we have to run his urine tests at regular intervals to check his albumin level.


This then is the story of Peter – a story  of transformed and empowered life, which is the story of the Hope Home Calcutta! And we would never have been able to achieve any of this, but for your participation in the lives of the children here (please see this month’s quote).



I am putting on hold the promised details about our school project for next month (December) – to keep this update within ‘decent’ length! Education for Empowerment would be a key-thought for our endeavor in 2010.



Most of you are aware of the building project we embarked upon in 2006 to provide proper facilities to children who are part of the Hope Home Calcutta. We had a soccer drive (each soccer ball representing 5%of the estimated costs). Later on we added the girls dorm (as an afterthought!). While we were able to meet our budget needs for the girls dorm (stand-along budget) last December, we are still in a deficit regarding our original building project. We have requested time from the contractor and agreed to pay by the year-end. We request you to consider plugging in with this need.



Those of you who receive our updates regularly might remember my observations (made against) the record winning Oscar (Indian) movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. I had then said that,  ‘I am glad we are not in the business of ‘producing’ millionaires of ‘alley-children’! What we are doing instead is transforming lives – one-at-a-time – with God’s help, education, honest and sincere care and pails of hope! And we have only just begun…!’ (Write to me for the full article I wrote on ‘Slumdog Millionaire).


Well, this movie by Danny Boyle did make a few people famous – and rich – and as Rasul Pookutty (Oscar for Sound Mixing) recently claimed, ‘… my name now sells…’. But listen to this: Danny Boyle is now very upset and washed his hands off the two main child artists of this film: Azharuddin Ismail and Rubina Ali – they have left the school they were enrolled in by Danny boy and are back on the streets! From the red-carpet at Hollywood back to the slums in Bombay ; nothing could be more tragic. However, this also puts our endeavor into perspective.



Dr. Gary and Rebecca Strobl from Georgia have been spending their Christmas at the Hope Home Calcutta for the past four years. It has been a life-changing experience for them (and the Hope Home Calcutta family is excited every-time they are here). This year, we are also having our dear friends from Colorado Springs to enrich our experience. It would be wonderful if there were others who would like to drop by for this truly amazing experience of spending Christmas at the Hope Home Calcutta.


You are also welcome to write to us regarding opportunities of physical involvement with the work here. We do need volunteers  especially in the area of counseling, administration, teaching, accounts, and nursing.




Some of you have enquired about possibilities of sponsoring children in 2010 (Peter, for one, doesn’t have any sponsor).  A few of our friends who have been involved in the past supporting the children on a regular basis and no longer involved. Some have also expressed interest in the Back-Pack program. Please write to me for details.




We don't accomplish anything in this world alone… and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one's life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.

Sandra Day O'Connor





November 30 -      Amit


Regards and Blessings,


Dev and all of us at the Hope Home Calcutta



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