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Urgent prayers needed

May 25, 2009 By: dev Category: Mini Updates No Comments →


It’s 8 in the evening of Monday, May 25. Cyclone Aila hit Calcutta and some other parts of West Bengal (our State) earlier this morning. Already there has been large-scale damage to life and property in the city. Nine people have already died with incessant rains and winds causing havoc. Flights to and from the city have been cancelled and train and transport have been halted. The strong winds have uprooted trees and caused several road accidents. Cyclone Aila is expected to make its final landfall anytime now with wind speed exceeding 100 km per hour.


Although we at the Hope Home are safe, the cyclone has blown off our temporary tin-roofed garage and our main 8 ft x 4 ft glow sign earlier in the day. Besides, the girls’ dorm is roofed with asbestos and a few leaks have developed (the contractor is still obligated to get this fixed).


One major concern is that our kitchen and dining hall (in the second property) is also tin-roofed and we are concerned that the tin sheets might be blown away.


Please pray for us at the Hope Home . Pray for safety of all the children (it’s particularly scary for the two new girls). Pray for safety of our property. Pray for safety of people living in our city.


You could follow the news at BBC weather, Weather.com or NDTV.com


Blessings and thanks for praying.