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Hope Connect Apr 2009

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Hope Connect  


APRIL 2009   update of the Hope Home  Calcutta


   Dev writes


Dear Beloved Friends:


The month of April is very significant in India -it is the beginning of the financial year for  Indian businesses. It also heralds the beginning of the new academic year in most schools, at least till the secondary level. Effective April 1, 2009, we have reorganized our school project as the HOPE EDUCATION CENTRE with the motto: “Equipping boys and girls for nation-building activities by providing value-based knowledge”.


For the school year 2008-09, we were able to provide either  free or heavily subsidized education for 58 boys and girls through our school project. This year (2009-10), we already have an enrollment of over 80 boys and girls, most of whom would received heavily subsidized education. We are planning on having Grades Nursery through Eight. We are so thankful for the small group of teachers (Facilitators) who are committed to come and teach faithfully on a very small honorarium. Then we are also honored to have Nasrin Reza, who is a senior research fellow at one of the premier science institutions in India . She comes over every Saturday to give additional coaching to our children. And the results are showing – the students of our school project are beyond par with students of other schools in their respective grade levels!


During the past week – Term Break – the children painted the some of the walls of the Hope Home boundary with murals, sceneries and issues of environmental concern! We have built a few temporary class rooms for the students with tile roofing and everything is now all set for the new school year!! We do need short term (6 months – 1 year) Volunteer Teachers for our school project and would request some of you to seriously consider taking up this challenge!


    being creative during Term Break!



The ‘Back Packs 2009’ campaign which aims to help support orphan and underprivileged children with school supplies, fees, uniforms, shoes, stationary and books to enable them to do study and do better in our school program.


Individual students in more developed countries could, on their own with help from their families or, join together as a class pooling in their resources to take part in the ‘Back Packs 2009’ campaign. A few years back a school in Phoenix organized a play ‘The Cotton Patch Gospel’ to raise funds for school furniture of the Hope Mission Academy ! Creative opportunities are plenty! A fourth grade class in Colorado Springs saved up their pennies in jars to contribute $160 to build a home for orphan children in Calcutta . The possibilities are endless…


‘Back Packs 2009’ is designed to provide quality education to children who are enrolled in our school program. Your participation can equip a whole generation of children to be worthwhile citizens and men and women of character and integrity – who would have otherwise lived a life of depravity and helplessness.


The minimum suggested contribution for each child is U.S. $ 25  / Sing $ 40/ Indian Rupees 1100/  a month. This would include all school supplies, text books, uniforms, a pair of school shoes and lunch on school days.  Please contact us immediately regarding this. During 2009, we would like to provide this to a minimum of 25 children beginning from April.


The ‘Back Packs 2009’ is part of the Send my friend to school campaign  that   is a global initiative that challenges schools, students and teachers to take the challenge of Global Education For All with seriousness and sincerity so that the goals of the campaign are effectively fulfilled.


We thank some of you who have responded to this campaign; there are still many children in our school program who would benefit with your participation and get a decent education – something taken for granted in most countries. Please consider being involved.


Facts for thought and ACTION:

Ø      40% (>400 million) of India ’s population is below the age of 18

Ø      17 million child laborers in India (world’s largest population of child laborers)

Ø      Less than 20% of India ’s children go to school

Ø      One in every 10 children is disabled in India

Ø      Only 38% of India ’s children below the age of 2 are immunized


Your involvement with ‘Back Packs 2009’ would change the destinies of many of these children through the endeavor of the Hope Home Calcutta!




So many of you have been anxiously waiting for this part of our news update! Yes, the work on the girls dorm is almost complete. Just some minor fixing is left.  We are planning an Easter weekend dedication of the girls dorm; the children would move in the last week of April! It has been such a difficult phase for them – changing houses twice, wading through water during the monsoons, sleeping on the floor, using one washroom for eight of them… they are simply ecstatic! More than once, while cleaning up their dorm and getting it ready for the ‘move’ they have asked: ‘will we be living here? We are keeping on hold the photographs of the girls dorm for our next update! We are also planning to record (kind of an amateur documentary) – subject to availability of a DVD camcorder some of their activities – daily chores, school, devotion. music, games…


We are also in the process of taking in two more girls during this month (sponsorship opportunities available) to make it to 10 girls and 17 boys.





Some of you have enquired about possibilities of sponsoring children in 2009. We plan to take in a couple of girls in February-March  and would appreciate your investment in their lives on a regular basis. Please write to me for details.




We thank and appreciate each one of you for your participation, involvement, prayers and good wishes for the Hope Home Calcutta. We are indeed blessed. Please do write to us regarding opportunities of physical involvement with the work here. We do need volunteers  specially in the area of House Parents, office  and administration, teaching, accounts, and nursing.




"To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." - Theodore Roosevelt




Rosni (Abigail):      April 10

Kaleb             :      April 18


Regards and Blessings,


Dev and all of us at the Hope Home Calcutta



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