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Hope Connect Oct 2008

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Hope Connect—October 2008

Monthly update of  Hope Home Calcutta, India

   Dev writes:


Dear friends:


We continue with the second edition of our  special issue. It talks about real people. And real life situations. A real hope. And a real transformation. Please read on…




 Strengthening tomorrow’s foundation with value-based knowledge


Our School project is part of the  ‘Education for All’ campaign. This year we have Grades I through Grade VII.  The number of students in our school project touched 58! 


Our School project is aimed to facilitate learning at the pace of each child’s aptitude using modern techniques of learning. The focus is on character building and a global vision. Read this amazing story of hope and transformation.



Kanhaiya Jha (4) comes from a very remote village of the Indian State of Bihar . Two years back his mother was crushed under the   wheels of a truck  and killed. His father died soon afterward and this child along with 3 other siblings were left orphaned. His maternal grandfather brought him over to Calcutta so that he could receive a decent education. Being very poor, they could not admit him to any private school. They brought him over to our school project and he is now learning to read and write English. Kanhaiya is a happy and caring child. He looks transformed already in his new school uniform!










Hope Home Calcutta is initiating the ‘Back Packs 2009’ campaign which aims to help support orphan and underprivileged children with school supplies, fees, uniforms, shoes, stationary and books to enable them to do study and do better in our school program. Presently we have 58 students and would like to provide school supplies to a minimum of 25 children in the beginning of 2009.


Individual students in more developed countries could, on their own with help from their families or, join together as a class pooling in their resources to take part in the ‘Back Packs 2009’  campaign. A few years back a school in Phoenix organized a play ‘The Cotton Patch Gospel’ to raise funds for school furniture of the Hope Mission Academy ! Creative opportunities are plenty!



Consider this:


Of the over 400 million children in India below the age of 18 (40%), less than 80 million go to school                         






Rescue Relocation Rehabilitation


At the Hope Home Calcutta initiative—HOCEP, we are seeing to work  towards the transformation and empowerment of individuals and communities – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN (CHILD LABORERS)  through initiatives based on advocacy, crisis intervention, education, rehabilitation, training and resourcing.


Bearing in mind the present reality of human trafficking  as the fastest growing form of international crimes, we realize that the need is great. Unimaginably great. Like the fact that in India there are  17  million child Laborers aged between 5 & 14 – the highest in the world.  Most of them work 10-13 hours a day often for no wages (only food) or given a pittance.


The facts speak for themselves:

  •   40% (400 million) of India ’s population is below the age of 18
  •   17 million child laborers in India (world’s largest population of child laborers)
  •   Less than 20% of India ’s children go to school
  •   One in every 10 children is disabled in India
  •   Only 38% of India ’s children below the age of 2 are immunized
  •     One in every 5 children in India below the age of 14 suffers from diarrhea


Children are exploited in the following areas:

  •     Agriculture
  •     Trash collection
  •     Trafficking
  •     Domestic service
  •     Industrial work
  •     Leather shops
  •     Tea shops and roadside ‘restaurants’


Violins and Drums and Dance—the Hope Home Orchestra is ready!!!


Ruth appeared for Grade 3  of the Violin examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (she won a high merit this  year too). Peter  appeared  for Grade 2 (violin). Salomi, Rosni and Kaleb appeared for their Grade I (violin).


Ruth and Peter both secured distinction in their Music Theory

Grade I) exams. Ruth was invited for the second year in succession to play at the city-wide High Scorer’s Concert!


Samuel secured the highest marks in Grade 1 (drums)  of the Trinity Music Examinations amongst all  who appeared for the examinations in the city of Calcutta for all grades! He will now  appear for Grade 2 and Joel for Grade 1 examinations in November.


We would also like to teach the keyboard/piano to a couple of the children

dren and welcome anyone with music skills to come and spend a few months with us.


Grace, Guria and Rachel are busy with their Indian classical dance training. Some of you are aware that Grace and Guria gave their first stage performance in December last year! They also performed during the Hope Home dedication ceremony





October 16, Thursday is World Food Day


On or around that day, we encourage all our  friends all around the world to host a meal for their friends, family and associates and challenge them to share their resources  that will help put food on the tables of the poor children in Calcutta through the Hope Home (the children of the Hope Home Calcutta would also host  a meal for such  children and serve them).

 The  Soccer Drive !!

In order for the children (and everyone else) to comprehend our needs and what has been received this far - we have come up with the ‘picture’ of 20 soccer balls (each denoting 5% funding). In other words we  have been able to fill up  17  balls – 3 to go! The children paint up the soccer balls as they get ‘filled up’ and hang it up on the wall.  We invite individuals and groups of individuals to make a minimum of U.S. $ 160 (Indian Rupees 6000) to help us complete the building project (15% of the budgeted USD 80,000). Industry and corporate houses are encouraged to invest in the apportioned cost of building a room ($3200 or Rs. 150,000).  Once fully functional, we would be able to increase the intake of children living at the Hope Home Calcutta by another 15 children, 10 of whom would be girls!


Opportunity for hands-on involvement at Hope Home Calcutta



We thank and appreciate each one of you for your participation, involvement, prayers and good wishes for the Hope Home Calcutta.

We are indeed blessed.


Please do write to us regarding opportunities of physical involvement with the work here.


We urgently need volunteers, specially in the for teaching,  office, accounts, and nursing.





“All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke



Support for the Hope Home Calcutta should be sent to/checks made out to:


(Please  designate your gift  for Hope Home Calcutta clearly)





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