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Hope Connect Jun 2008

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Hope Connect    


JUNE   2008  update of the

Hope Home  Calcutta





Beloved friends:


One of the key thrusts we endeavor to inculcate in the lives of all who live in the Hope Home Calcutta community is the desire to ‘excel’. Be it the cooks who prepare the 30 odd meals three times a day, or the teachers who facilitate the process of learning in their students, the group who are training up in different forms of music, the young artists who train up every weekend in the finer details of modern art… we are passionate about excelling! And quite rightly so. Just a few thoughts about excellence I have in my mind: At the Hope Home Calcutta, we hold that:


F     Excellence is an attitude

F     We are to be excellent caregivers

F     We are to be excellent in our effort to transform lives

F     We desire to be excellent in inculcating high values in the lives of the next generation

F     We need to be creative and innovative as caregivers

F     We must have a bias for constructive action and in an excellent manner

F     Excellence is not a destination for us , but a progressive journey; the joy is in the course of walking on and on…


We truly appreciate every one of you who help us in this journey. The results are there to be seen… transformed and equipped lives that will eventually change our generation and the next!


Keep on winning!




Some of you beloved friends responded enthusiastically to the need of refurbishing we mentioned to you in our last update. We had noted our needs in the new building as follows:


F     24 electric fans. Each fan costs around $45 (Indian Rupees 1700)

F     20 sets of fluorescent lights. Each set with bulbs costs around $15 (Indian Rupees  600)

F     8 beds for the children that need to be reassembled and some repaired. Reassembling each bed costs approximately $ 24 (Indian Rupees 1000)

F     Wooden lockers for the children for their clothes. Each of the 12 lockers needed costs $ 100 (Indian Rupees Four Thousand)


I would once again request you all to pitch in and make the new facilities liveable for the children. Thank you so much. Please do  intimate us  of any special gifts that you may send for any of the above needs so that we can keep our accounts properly.





Yet again, this is something we have never done in the past six years of the Hope Home Calcutta. We would like to highlight a few facts regarding our operations. We have:


F     25 children living in the Hope Home Calcutta

F     30 more attend the Hope Mission Academy – our school project

F     25 boys and girls from the community also join in our Art Project on weekends

F     16 care givers (paid staff)

F     Our monthly requirements (cost of operations) is around $ 3000; this covers everything !!

F     Total monthly honorarium totals only around $ 600 (20%). Sometimes we wish we could afford to enhance the quantum of honorarium for all the dear people who are caregivers. Any one of our caregivers would earn at least 4 times of what they receive at the Hope Home Calcutta

F     We spend around $1200 (40%) on food and nutrition for the children (25) and adults (5)

F     20% (approximately) is the amount spend on education

F     Around 10% of our monthly budget is spent on utilities

F     The rest of the funds are used for several miscellaneous expenses like clothing, provision, travel …


So this is where we are! More often than not we are not able to meet our monthly requirements. So how do we operate?


So many of you have been passionate about the transformational movement that is the Hope Home Calcutta over the past several years. And some of you have been sacrificially donating over and beyond the $ 55 we need for each child’s support. Recently we were so blessed to hear an average-earning couple mentioning that they have decided to donate most of their present disposable income to the Hope Home Calcutta. And as we grow and our needs increase, we need many more of you to respond to this process of changing lives here at the Hope Home !






The soccer     drive is still on…


Our initiative to invite  at least 300 people who will make a minimum of one time investment of U.S. $ 160 (Indian Rupees 6000) to help us build the first phase of the Hope Home Calcutta has revoked a very generous response from so many of you. The estimated costs for this project are around U.S. $ 80,000 .  In India , we have also encouraged corporate houses to sponsor the apportioned cost of building a room ($3200 or Rs. 150,000). This new building – the first such effort of the Hope Home will also help us from being perpetually affected by the recurring floods every monsoon that disrupted our day-to-day activities besides increasing our capacity to take in additional children.


We still need that  one ‘push’ to complete the first phase of our building project (we need to move out of the ‘plateau’!). We urge you to respond to this urgent need to cover  our present deficit of $11,000 by the end of July this year.


We have already mentioned in our last two updates our plans to  build one more floor of around 1800 square feet. This is very, very important for us because we have the girls on a separate floor altogether and the guys in a different one. The ground floor would still be functional as study and resource center. While the guys would move into the new facilities by the beginning of May, the girls would still live rented houses till their floor is completed – it could be several months before they could move in.





“We hope to continue this partnership and exchange of learning between Canadians and Indians”.


With this objective, we were honored to have the team from the Global Youth Network from Canada come and visit us from May 19 – 23 – the third year in succession. And it was interesting to see at least three of the young college students whose roots were/are in India ! Their visit was a value-addition time, coming as it did when our school program is on summer break and the children at the Hope Home Calcutta truly needed people to help them spend time constructively. Thanks guys for coming in.








We were able to organize a three day ‘Children’s Summer Camp’ at our new premises from May 28 – 30. The Olympic Games was the theme of our camp. The children were involved in activities which  included story telling, teaching moral and ethical values,  songs and skits, arts and crafts, indoor games and videos. A total of 42 boys and girls between 6 and 16 attended this Camp. Seeing the energy oozing out of these kids… easily makes one think of the by-gone days of our own lives!




The children were divided into three age-wise groups named after the three words of the Olympic Motto in Latin: Citius (faster), Altius  (higher) and Fortius (stronger). We now plan to do this again in 2009 spread over 5 days.





We thank and appreciate each one of you for your participation, involvement, prayers and good wishes for the Hope Home Calcutta. We are indeed blessed.


Please do write to us regarding opportunities of physical involvement with the work here. Besides teaching in our school project, we also need  volunteers  as House Parents, Office  and Administration, teaching, accounts, music and nursing.




Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school (Albert Einstein)


God Bless You All.


Dev and all of us at the Hope Home Calcutta




June 4 – Dev

June  11 – Sangita (Salomi)




Support for the Hope Home Calcutta should be sent to/checks made out to:


(Please  designate your gift  for Hope Home Calcutta clearly)





P.O. JOKA, CALCUTTA 700 104, INDIA , Tel: +91-33-6534 1083/ 6520 9995

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