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Cyclone SIDR

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Thursday, November 15, 2007



Hi everyone:


It is now 6 p.m. Thursday evening (November 15, 2007) in Calcutta . A super-cyclone (Code Named: SIDR) is set to lash eastern India and Bangladesh (including CALCUTTA ) in about 6-8 hours time. There is a 50 feet high cloud formation and wind-speed is expected to be between 180 – 220 kilometers an hour. Very heavy rainfall is also expected. The metrological department in India (and other South Asian countries) have warned of possible widespread and serious destruction and damage.


We are particularly concerned about the hall we use for our school project. It has tin-roof. Also the wooden shuttering for the concrete casting for our second floor is complete and there are fears that the wooden planks and the tin sheets will be blown away.


There is a negligible possibility of the super-cyclone veering off course and hitting Bangladesh at its fullest fury. Calcutta has not experienced a super-cyclone in decades. The last time in 1999, the super-cyclone veered off Calcutta at the last instance and hit the Indian State of Orissa. Thousands of people died.


Pray for a miracle. Pray that the Hope Home Calcutta, the city and all our children will be safe.


Those interested could follow up this news on BBC, NDTV.com, weather.com or any other weather channel.


Hopefully, when we wake up tomorrow morning, there will be good news and all our apprehensions will be proven wrong.


Thanks for standing by.


Dev and all at the Hope Home Calcutta