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Hope Connect Oct 2007

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Hope Connect  


Monthly praise updates of the

Hope Home  Calcutta




Beloved friends:


Finally, the building project is taking shape!




Our initiative to invite  300 people who will make a minimum one time investment of U.S. $ 160 (Indian Rupees 6000) to help us build a proper two storied 6200 building for at least 40 boys and girls in order to give them a life of hope and love. The estimated costs for this project isaround U.S. $ 80,000 .  In India , we are also encouraging corporate houses to sponsor the apportioned cost of building a room ($3200 or Rs. 150,000). The new building – the first such effort of the Hope Home will also help us being perpetually affected by the recurring floods every monsoon that disrupts our day-to-day activities and have even led us to make contingency plans to evacuate the children for the past three  years.


Till date, we have raised up a little over 80% of the funding needed for the building project.


The work for the foundation is over and the work on the casting of the roof for the first floor will be over by the time this report will be published.





The  Soccer Drive !!

In order for the children (and everyone else) to comprehend our needs and what has been received this far - we have come up with the ‘picture’ of 20 soccer balls (each denoting 5% funding). In other words we  have been able to fill up  16  balls – 4  to go! The children paint up the soccer balls as they get ‘filled up’ and hang it up on the wall. As we mentioned earlier, with over 50 children on our wait-list - some of them in a real critical situation, some facing starvation - we truly need to build,  and soon.



Our School project is part of the  ‘Education for All’ campaign. This year we have Grades Kindergarten through Grade VI. And the number of students in our school project touched 50!  Our School project is aimed to facilitate learning at the pace of each child’s aptitude using modern techniques of learning. The focus is on character building and a global vision.


Sometime back, we had mentioned about Jitesh. Jitesh, who is  now living at the Hope Home  since January, hardly knew to speak a complete sentence in English two years back. But we recognized that he was intelligent and gave him an opportunity to study in our school project. His father was suffering from tuberculosis and his mother was finding it difficult to make ends meet without any source of income. Very soon, the family was on the brink of starvation. His parents pleaded us to take him in and was even considering suicide. Jitesh, along with his younger brother Sarban, took their studies seriously and would even use the street lights to complete their home task. Very soon their hard work began to show and they began performing exceedingly well at school.


In September this year, Jitesh stood first in his class for the first term examinations! No wonder reading is his favorite past-time!





There are countless other stories of children in our school program whose lives are being impacted and transformed through our ‘Send My Friend to School’ program (contact us for further information).


Consider this

Ø      One in every ten children is disabled in India


Ø      Only 38% of India 's children below the age of 2 years are immunized


Ø      Almost one in every five children in India below the age of 14 suffers from diarrhea, an easily preventable disease


Ø      Children form 40% of our country's population, and yet they are treated as non entities





For the first time since  we started the Hope Home Calcutta we were able to take the children out—yes, all 25 of them to the sea at Digha, a 5 hour bus ride from Calcutta . For most of the children, it was the first experience of a sea ( Indian Ocean ) and for many others, it was the first bus ride altogether. The weather was perfect and the children shed all inhibition and spent hours and hours in the water. This was also our first experience of spending a night out of the Hope Home Calcutta with the children. We thank God for the protection and good health which all of us enjoyed for this milestone of the Hope Home .



We have offered the children an irresistible incentive—those who stand first in their respective classes at school or earn at least a merit in their music exams (Royal School of Music) will be taken on a three day tour to Darjeeling (on the foothills of the Himalayas ). One should

just see the earnestness and sincerity with which they all study! The dream trip is scheduled for March 2008! (Oops, offer valid for Hope Home children only!)




The Hope Home Calcutta organized a ‘Special Eye-Care Camp’ for children on September 4 from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. 49 children were examined by Dr. Somen Ghosh ( Dublin ) who is from Calcutta . It was very gracious of the good doctor to come over to the Hope Home along with his equipment and team and examine the children for several hours. We had a holiday in our school program and for many of the children it was a new ‘experiment’. A few of our children would need further attention and a couple of them would need at least reading glasses. Now those who have been declared ‘clean’  by Doctor Ghosh have been rubbing their eyes vigorously to make it look red—if only they too were recommended glasses!


 Ruth appeared for Grade 2 of the Violin examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (she won a merit last year). This year, Peter too appeared  for Grade 1 for violin. We would be preparing Salomi for next year’s examinations.


Samuel on the other hand will be appearing for Grade 1 of the Trinity Music Examinations for drums. He already plays the drums for all Hope Home Calcutta special events.


In about 5 years time, we would be ready to present the Hope Home Calcutta Orchestra to you all! Dare to dream is the theme Dev has given to these children!


We would also like to teach the keyboard/piano to a couple of the children and welcome anyone with music skills to come and spend a few months with us.





We thank and appreciate each one of you for your participation, involvement, prayers and good wishes for the Hope Home Calcutta. We are indeed blessed.

Please do write to us regarding opportunities of physical involvement with the work here. We do need volunteers, specially in the area of office, teaching, accounts, and nursing.


quote of the month


“Generosity is giving more than you can and  pride is taking less than  you need”



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