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Hope Connect May 2007

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APRIL - MAY 2007


Dear friends:


It’s HOT  out here in Calcutta! Generally it’s  90% or up humidity almost throughout the day and the day time temperature often touches 40 degree centigrade! And if you thought ‘this is it’ – we are often ‘offered’ a power surge (synonyms: power failure, black outs…) of anything between 2-4 hours everyday.  At the end of the day, many throw up their hands and do say, “I can’t take this anymore”. Probably justifiably so.


And then I remember! One of my favorite quotes is: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” (The Bible). Yes, it is easy to give up. Like I often say, “there will always be a thousand excuses for us not doing that which we are called to do”. Yes there is so much to be done and not much time to accomplish all that one desires to do to bring about change. Change that is transformational and one that propels hope in this difficult city.


Take for instance three lives we would like to share this month. Some of you would probably remember a mail I had sent about two years back. It was about a mother who came crying at our door begging us to take care of her two sons so that she could go and die in peace in their native village. Her husband had contracted tuberculosis (he used to drive a cab) and there was no source of income, absolutely none. They were from a very backward district in the Indian state of Bihar and were friendless in this huge city. We let the two boys -  come and study in our school program. They did not know a word of English. In less than two years time however, the elder kid, Jitesh stood second in his class and one of the best in Mathematics in the third grade! He is now in the fourth grade.

   His younger brother Sarvan is now in the first grade. In February this year, the parents handed over their care to the Hope Home Calcutta and left for their ancestral home in Bihar. These two boys are precious, intelligent, very hard working and always willing to help (now who said nothing good comes out of the Indian state of Bihar??) What transformation.


We took these two boys at great risk – we just do not have support for them (and a few others who are at the Hope Home). A few individuals here in India  have  so far come forward to pool in resources to help them stay on at the Hope Home. And we are trusting others to come forth to share their resources to support them which will cover all their expenses. We just could not let them starve in front of our eyes, specially as they have great potential which they have already proved. If you would like to join those who are responding to this specific situation, please let me know immediately.


The third child we would like to introduce to you is our latest intake at the Hope Home. His name is Rana Das and he is 11.  He lost his father in 1999. His mother’s death in 2003 is the only first hand knowledge we have of a starvation death. That’s the reason of her demise – she became a pauper after her husband died and also suffered a host of ailments. There was no food for her and she could also not fend for her son. Eventually she handed custody of her son to a friend of mine, who along with his wife were already taking care of a few needy children near the airport in Calcutta. Rana came to us on April 21. He is quite, simple, intelligent and has a great desire to learn.


The first Friday of every month we have our staff meeting – team building exercise. And I have been repeating that there is so much to do and so little time to do it. The need is so vast. The going is not always easy. Sometimes it is extremely difficult. When we behold the changes in the countenance of the children at the Hope Home, we are encouraged. Thank you for standing by us in the process of change and hope.


let there be hope! The Soccer Drive!






We would like to update you also on our Building fund. As we had mentioned earlier, we  are seeking  300 people who will make a minimum one time investment of U.S. $ 160 (Indian Rupees 6000) to help us build a proper two storied 6200 building for at least 40 boys and girls in order to give them a life of hope and love. Initially the estimated costs for this project was around U.S. $ 50,000  (there has been a marginal escalation of costs due to our budget in India released in February, 2007). In India, we are also encouraging corporate houses to sponsor the apportioned cost of building a room ($3200 or Rs. 150,000). We are so glad to inform you that Cognizant Foundation in India made the first commitment to this proposal. The new building – the first such effort of the Hope Home will also help us being perpetually affected by the recurring floods every monsoon that disrupts our day-to-day activities and have even led us to make contingency plans to evacuate the children for the past two years.


Till date, we have raised up a little over 80% of the funding needed for the building project. We appreciate all those who have sent in your pledges. Please contact us immediately  if you are interested.


What is this Soccer Drive!! In order for the children to comprehend our needs and what has been received this far - we have come up with the ‘picture’ of 20 soccer balls (each denoting 5% funding).Dev explains this by saying that  so far we have been able to fill up  16  balls – 4  to go! The children paint up the soccer balls as they get ‘filled up’ and hang it up on the wall. As we mentioned earlier, with over 50 children on our wait-list - some of them in a real critical situation, some facing starvation - we truly need to build,  and soon.



hope mission academy

Our school program this year commenced on April 10. This school year, we have Grades Kindergarten through to Grade 6.  Till date we have around 50 children in our school program. It is amazing to witness the children growing up and learn Vein diagrams, atoms and molecules, Q-basic and other computer programs… just to think that they could not even read and write a couple of years back! This is exciting work!


We need much help during these transitioning days. If you are looking forward to investing some time – from a couple of weeks to a couple of months or more -  we would like to invite you to be physically part of this exciting endeavor here in the ‘City of Joy’. If you could plug into teaching the children in the school program or assisting in some office work or have the spirit of encouraging children, please do check out your availability!  We look forward to hearing from you and the children love to receive letters and e-mail. Please keep writing and keep coming. We do need your presence and participation in surging this movement forward in the days ahead.


God bless you all. Thank you for being a friend of Hope Home Calcutta.

Dev and everyone at the Hope Home Calcutta



quote of the month


"No one keeps his enthusiasm automatically. Enthusiasm must be nourished with new actions, new aspirations, new efforts, new vision."  Papyrus

birthdays in may


May 22:         Rana Das



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